Our Health Experts Agree

Mold in your AC, in the air you breathe, and throughout your home is NOT normal. 

Understanding the HIDDEN DANGERS OF MOLD is important. That's why we partner with many brain and healthcare specialists to make sure you are aware of these dangers.

Be Mold Safe™ is highly recommended by our clients and healthcare professionals in Florida. We understand how mold can affect your nervous system, immunity, allergies, and overall health.

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"We appreciate the deep care Luke and the Be Mold Safe Team gave our home. They delivered on what they said they would and their expertise is bar none. They discovered and resolved hidden dangers of mold and carbon dioxide that elevated our family's health."
Pastor Brian, Tequesta, FL
"Luke and Be Mold Safe comes with the most qualified team of contractors I have ever seen. They are competent, trust worthy and just plain great people. We have used all their services: Mold Remediation, 'Health Grade' HVAC, Super One Water System and four 'Healthy Home Climate Systems' to control humidity and provide superior air quality. Our home has been transformed totally for the better."
Kathi, Trump National, Jupiter, FL
"These guys don't quit and seem to always up their last performance. Not only is their expertise and work the best, but anything that comes up commands their immediate attention. Our family breathes easier and enjoys better health thanks to Be Mold Safe and the Team.
Ryan and Briana, Palm Beach Gardens, FL


Kelly Miller, NMD | Saving Your Brain

"I lived in a mold infested home for years and didn't even realize it. Be Mold Safe can properly eliminate the bio-toxins that cause damage to the nervous system and brain."

Mike Cohen | Director of Center for Brain 

“Many of our Florida patients are affected by mold in their homes. Our clinic depends upon Be Mold Safe to help remove hidden sources of bio-toxins causing their health challenges.”