Meet Our Expert

'Luke Sky' Krcil, MS


Scientist, 30-year functional medicine expert, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Officer (ret.), who survived a personal health assault from hidden ‘bio-toxins’ in his home. He now collaborates with leading mold and biotoxin illness doctors.

“You don’t have to smell mold for it to be there. I truly did not understand the threat of bio-toxins until they nearly destroyed my life.”

BeMoldSafe now celebrates eight years serving homeowners in Florida and locations throughout the USA.

Environmental Exposures are often the root causes of 'unexplained' symptoms and syndromes


Many patients today have illnesses that are more complex than they were even 20 years ago. Few physicians have the time or ability to look at a patient’s whole health picture and properly diagnose and treat them. 

Our complex chronically ill patients are often sick, exhausted, in pain, anxious, and not sleeping, digesting, or thinking properly.  They have potentially been misdiagnosed or told their problems were “in their heads” – something increasingly known as ‘medical gaslighting. 


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